Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ho-hum on the range

Cattle stand in stillness udder;
Mortal thoughts ne'er cause a shudder.
Seldom do they quake or cow-er
Brooding on their final hour.
Would they beef more, were it known
They'll end up filet mignon

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Miss Priss said...

An ancient saga tells us how
In the beginning the First Cow
(For nothing living yet had birth
But Elemental Cow on earth)
Began to lick cold stones and mud:
Under her warm tongue flesh and blood
Blossomed, a miracle to believe:
And so was Adam born, and Eve.
Here now is chaos once again,
Primeval mud, cold stones and rain.
Here flesh decays and blood drips red,
And the Cow's dead, the old Cow's dead.

Dead Cow Farm

by Robert Graves