Thursday, April 15, 2010

We're not as bad as Coontucky

(Nashville, TN) The annual Coon Supper will be held this Thursday, a gala put on by state House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh at Covington Country Club for the state's legislators. The sponsor is Jack Daniel's Distillery.

You might have to be pretty drunk to eat 'coon yourself, but it's a delicacy here in Tennessee. Maybe you heard that several years ago, one of those legislators proposed a bill to make eating roadkill legal.

The raccoon wears a mask --
And just why? you might ask.
It's highly suspicious --
It looks surreptitious.
Could the 'coon be enmeshed in
Operations clandestine?
Or, though it sounds stranger,
Could he be a lone ranger?
With his mask and his claw
On the side of the law

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