Friday, March 4, 2011

Cell phones driving you batty?

Batgirl lives!
A British teenager who assumed that tremors in her bosom were caused by her vibrating mobile phone found a baby bat nestling in the padding of her 34FF bra. (From Harper's Weekly)

In other news relating to bats:
The World Health Organization warned people not to go into Ugandan bat caves after a Dutch tourist died from the Marburg virus, a hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola. (From Harper's Weekly)

We assume the Bat cave in Gotham is OK.

The bat thrives on echolocation,
The same as the real-estate maven,
Whose mantra -- which rules her vocation --
She chants evermore, like Poe's raven.
"Location, location, location" --
Qouth the Realtor, evermore.


Gobetween said...
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Gobetween said...

I don't think bats are cute. I am sure they are more dangerous than what Hollywood wants us to think.