Saturday, June 12, 2010

Maybe the tuatara had a thread snake in his pants

In New Zealand a 111-year-old tuatara reptile, a remnant from the age of dinosaurs, impregnated his partner for the first time in decades. The lizard-like creature,
who now has three consorts, regained his interest in sex after zoologists removed a cancerous growth from his genitals.

A U.S. biologist in Barbados claimed to have discovered the world's smallest snake, which, at less than 4 inches long, may be the smallest that snakes can possibly be. Barbadians insisted that they already knew about the animal, which they call a "thread snake."

(-From Harper's Weekly)

Even at an age extremely ripe,
This rascal has no room to gripe:
The scientists having restored his sperma
Tazoa, he's once again tuatara firma

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